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Butler Training

Our butler training program focuses on the traditional and modern skills required to perform the role of a butler with distinction. Participants will learn about etiquette, formal service, household management, and personalized service techniques. The advantages of attending include gaining in-depth knowledge from seasoned professionals, developing a keen eye for detail, and mastering the art of discreet and efficient service.

Household Manager Training

The household manager training course prepares individuals to oversee the daily operations of private residences and estates. Trainees will be instructed in staff management, budgeting, event planning, and property maintenance. This training ensures that graduates are equipped to manage a household with professionalism and finesse, providing peace of mind to their employers.

Hotel Staff Training

Our hotel staff training is designed for those looking to excel in the hospitality industry. This course covers guest relations, front-of-house operations, housekeeping standards, and luxury service protocols. By participating in this training, individuals will enhance their ability to deliver exceptional guest experiences, thereby increasing their value within the hospitality sector.

Lifestyle Manager Training

The lifestyle manager training program is perfect for those who aspire to assist high-net-worth individuals with their personal and professional affairs. The curriculum includes time management, travel planning, personal shopping, and concierge services. Attendees will benefit from learning how to provide bespoke services tailored to the unique needs of their clients, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and loyalty.

Proudly partnered with Vincent Vermeulen from School of Butlers

Each course with Vincent Vermeulen is designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their roles. Our training programs ensure that attendees gain hands-on experience and expert guidance, equipping them to meet the high standards expected in the luxury service industry.

Proudly partnered with Ilenia Pighetti

lenia Pighetti from CareMate Italy offers specialized training for childcare practitioners, including courses on baby and toddler sleep training. These programs are conducted in partnership with other industry experts to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge. Her courses are ideal for those seeking to gain additional qualifications for working as a nanny or newborn care specialist. Participants will benefit from hands-on experience and expert guidance, ensuring they are well-prepared for their professional roles in childcare.

Proudly partnered with Simeon Rosset

We are proud to partner with Simeon Rosset from Rosset Bespoke Butlers, a distinguished expert with over 20 years of experience in the butler and luxury lifestyle management industry. With his extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence, Simeon Rosset brings unparalleled expertise to our training programs. Our comprehensive training offerings include butler training, household manager training, hotel staff training, and lifestyle manager training. Each course is designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their roles. Upon completion, participants will be awarded a certificate, recognizing their achievement and dedication.